Goodbye Google — Hello again, Yahoo!

Recently, I’ve noted that while searching for things that I KNOW are online, Google fails to return any results. How do I know they are online? Because they are on this blog.

Because I am curious, I searched for them on Yahoo!  Instead of showing me one page of about ten results, Yahoo! showed me two pages of about 20. While Google failed to list results from this blog, Yahoo! listed them all, plus others.

I am not sure why Google failed. It lists results from more current posts on this blog. Maybe Google assumed that if someone blogged something in the past searchers don’t need to find it (?)

In any case, I’ve made Yahoo! my default search — again.


Yahoo! Presents Unlimited Storage

Last month I read that Yahoo! was going to give users unlimited email storage. This pleased me as I am currently using about a third of my Gmail account (I delete next-to-nothing) and my usage is growing faster than Gmail’s automatic increase.

Since reading that, when I log into my Yahoo account, I’ve seen the bar-graph at 6%. Today, I looked and it was 30%. That caught my attention and made be stop what I was doing to ponder how I managed to receive that much email overnight. But as I gazed upon the 30% bar-graph, I saw a wire coming from it to a Wile E. Coyote kind of blasting plunger. Within a few moments a fine looking animated man came upon the scene and pressed the plunger, eliminating the bar-graph. Mousing-over it revealed the words, “You now have unlimited storage.”

Woo-hoo!!! Thanks, Yahoo!