Steelers & Penguins 2009 Video

I’ve been watching Pittsburgh sports since I was a little boy. Someone put together this video of the City of Champions, featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers and their Superbowl victory and the Pittsburgh Penguins Game Seven victory in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Cardinals from Arizona and the Redwings from Detroit made each game close, but in the end, Pittsburgh prevailed.

This may have been the most satisfying sports year in Pittsburgh. Ever.

SuperBowl Devotional…

Last year it looked like Jerome Bettis was going to finish his career with a season-ending fumble. He was at the Indianapolis one-yard-line and took a hit that jarred the ball loose. Were it not for his quarterback tackling the player who picked up the ball, his defensive players stopping Peyton Manning, and the opponent’s kicker missing a field goal, Jerome’s career may have ended poorly. But Jerome’s season was extended for another game and his career did not end with a fumble in Indy. If it had, the question that would have haunted Jerome would have been something like this: What good is a Hall of Fame career if you end it on a fumble, costing you and your team a shot at the Super Bowl?

Many sports figures have careers that end poorly. But worse, many people have lives that end poorly. Continue reading