Steelers & Penguins 2009 Video

I’ve been watching Pittsburgh sports since I was a little boy. Someone put together this video of the City of Champions, featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers and their Superbowl victory and the Pittsburgh Penguins Game Seven victory in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Cardinals from Arizona and the Redwings from Detroit made each game close, but in the end, Pittsburgh prevailed.

This may have been the most satisfying sports year in Pittsburgh. Ever.

Ten Reasons I Am Proud to be a Pens Fan…

Last night the Pittsburgh Penguins fell just short of taking the contest into overtime for a second straight game. So ended their fantastic hockey season. As with any fan-base, there will be those who boo and howl about the loss, but I am proud to stand separate from them for lots of reasons. Here are some:

  1. Those young players played their hearts out right up until the end.
  2. The victories in the playoffs and in the championship series were team efforts, not the work of just a few.
  3. They were beaten by a great franchise, not by the Flyers.
  4. They gave us a great season, providing great entertainment for their fans for months.
  5. They didn’t whine in the post-game interviews.
  6. Geno stuck with it, playing hard in spite of being shut out one game after another.
  7. Two words: Sydney Crosby.
  8. Jágr does not wear the black and gold.
  9. Two words: The Flower.
  10. I actually am from the area my team calls home.

I can’t wait until next year.

Now — bring on the NFL. GO STILLERS!