How to insert Bible verses into Word with Quickverse 10…

How do you insert Bible verses into Microsoft Word directly from Quickverse 10?

The short answer is…. you can’t. At least you can’t do it as easily as you could with Quickverse 2011. Back in those days, you typed the reference into Word 2010 and then right-clicked the text you’d typed and did this:

In version 10 of Quickverse, they lost this feature. Phone support encourages you to open Quickverse 10 and copy and paste to your word processor. Ugh — while that’s not labor intensive, it does wreak havoc on one’s stream of thought while writing.

The software writers at Quickverse know how to do this. It exists in Wordsearch. But it’s likely that the only way they will reinstitute it would be for people to request it.

So send your requests to Ask them to support “smart-tags or some equivalent of it in Quickverse.”

UPDATE: I just called QuickVerse support  (8.8.2014) and she told me that there is no intention of bringing this feature back, although she’s fielded innumerable calls requesting it. Further, there is no development being done at this time on QuickVerse. Somehow, this feels like it felt when Mattel owned QuickVerse.


SOLVED: How do I skip the Easy Start Screen on Quickverse 10?

So I was pretty frustrated that Quickverse 10 insisted on giving me the Easy Start screen on every start up, but a quick look at the settings showed me how to fix this.

  • Simply start Quickverse
  • Select Options / Settings…
  • Then from the top right of the window that comes up, select Load Library from the dropdown list.

How hard was that?!

The real question is why doesn’t Quickverse include this in their online support? Maybe it’s in the videos.