Rocky Mountain Wallpaper…

Every now and then you catch a glimpse of something, or Someone, beyond this world, right in this world.

The Scripture is right: Romans 1:20 (ESV) …[God’s] invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made….

Stephen Hawking wrote:

The odds against a universe like ours emerging out of something like the Big Bang are enormous. I think there are clearly religious implications.


It would be very difficult to explain why the universe would have begun in just this way except as an act of God who intended to create beings like us. ~Hawking as quoted by Timothy Keller in The Reason for God, p. 130.

Taken from Catamount Falls Trail near Green River Falls, CO. A larger rendering of this image is available by clicking the image. Permission to use this image in any personal or non-profit setting is given. Contact Steve Shields for commercial use of this photo.

Fog Over the Lake

I grabbed my camera as I went to a meeting this morning.  Generally, I don’t think to do so, but the trees on my street are simply brilliant, so I thought those along the Curwensville Lake would be quite remarkable as well.
What I didn’t expect was the beauty of the fog over the lake, obscuring the dam. I have these available in a larger size, if you’re interested.Curwensville Lake

Our God has a paintbrush that paints, not just on the trees, but even on the air.

Lower Taughannock Falls…

I love my wife.

She makes me get off my tail and go places. Click for Larger ImagePlaces I would never go without her urging. This past month she made me go to New York. Specifically to some of the parks around Ithaca. We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast in Ithaca and then went to Robert Treman and Taughannock Falls State Park. Wow — I was amazed by the beauty. Because it was an overcast day, only one picture turned out decent. I would like to go back for a longer visit on a sunnier day. Maybe mid to late May.

Thanks, Sweetie!