An iPad Alternative… from HP

So THAT’S why HP bought Palm…

A few days ago I posted that HP had purchased Palm, leading me to believe that they saw a future in the Palm Pre phone giving competition to the iPhone. Indeed, the Pre does perform well. It even multi-tasks out of the box.

But the link above helps identify HP’s motives in buying Palm.

It will be interesting to see how Palm’s WebOS works on a slate PC.

Why do people like Apple stuff so much?

So, my nephew was talking to someone at work about the iPhone. The iPhone guy was complaining about how if he is listening to Pandora and he gets a text, in order to reply, the iPhone shuts down Pandora, the music stops, and then you can reply.

John said, “Really? My PalmPre will let me run Pandora in the background while I reply to texts, surf the web, or whatever!”

The Apple guy replied, “Well, yeah, but it’s a Palm”

Am I wrong, or did that member of the Cult of Apple just admit he bought an inferior product because it had an Apple on it?

If only Palm, Nokia, and the rest could be so hip and condescending, perhaps today’s techie hipsters would leave Apple.

Meh — probably not.