A Picture Dying to be Taken…

Sitting on the curb, waiting for others to arrive for Bible Study, I looked at my Honda and realized, “This is a picture begging to be taken.”

2007 Honda 750 Shadow

I used Gimp to enhance this image that I shot with my cell phone (SCH-i760 — a great pda phone with a trashy camera).

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The bike is a 2007 Honda 750 Shadow.

Jesus, the Biker

I picked this up at a funeral of a friend. It was written on a card found in his wallet.



He was a lot like you and me. The government didn’t like him. The church thought he was weird. His friends were weird. His friends were few. What friends he did have denied him. He was persecuted by hypocrites. He hung around people like you and me, not the good-two-shoes Pharisees. Yes, if Jesus were on this earth in the flesh, he would be next to you on his motorcycle telling you he loved you…enough to die for you.

On the back:


The Life Changer

You see, He knows that “all have sinned and come short of His glory.”  He also knows that “the wages of sin is death.” That is why “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” He even said, “If you confess with your mouth that ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

The truth is, this simple decision of your heart can make, “old things pass away and all things become new.”

This would be a good time for you to give your heart to Jesus for a new start.  Commit to Jesus.  He’s committed to you.

I am very thankful for people who present the message of Jesus through non-traditional means.