Do You Trust Your IT Guy?

I think I have some trust issues.  😐

As a pastor, I rely heavily on my laptop computer and having just been the victim of some theft, I asked my son, a computer engineering student, to create a program that will help track down stolen PCs and devices.  He handed me the prototype and said, “Dad — execute this code and see if it works.”

So, as he stood behind me, I began backing up my “Current Documents” folder to my USB drive.  “Dad,” he said, “this isn’t going to delete your data.  I’m a little insulted.”  I laughed and told him the data was very important. After all, this Sunday is Christmas Sunday and I have my sermon almost completed.

Then he said the funniest line I’ve heard in a while: “Dad — this would be like if every time you got up and preached I prayed, “‘God — please protect me from false teaching!'”

He got me there! I really need to begin to trust my IT guy.  😉