The Cross Is Essential to Christianity…

I love this quote:

It is at the cross and through the cross that God communicates most clearly with man because this is where He experienced suffering and met us where we abide—in the “shadow of death.” And it is through this cross that God can create an alternative reality for a fallen creation that sees the cross as folly until they come to accept His great gift of grace. ~E. L. Shields

Four Ironies of the Cross…

An Easter sermon — or maybe a Good Friday sermon.

Irony is a fascinating concept. When something is ironic, it arrouses our interest and presents us, usually, with information that adds meaning to a subject.

The story of Jesus is filled with irony. How ironic it is that those who sought the Messiah most energetically would reject him. And how ironic is it that Pilate, standing before the Way, the Truth, and the Life would ask, “What is truth?”

In this Good Friday style sermon, I borrow four ironies of the cross from Donald Carson and elaborate on them, adding some contemporary ironies that speak to our hearts about our own struggles.