A Classic Retro PC…

I remember when this came to the College Bookstore for me to pick up. In no time I realized I needed to upgrade it from 4k to 64k. Then — I could do ANYTHING!

Look at that Chicklet Keyboard.  And that battleship gray coloring helped users know this was probably the same computer as was used in NORAD.  The TRS-80 Color Computer or the CoCo was a great little system. Where would I be today without its influence in  my life?

Those were the days!

How to Recover Lost Files…

Wendy shot me an email that I thought was worth posting.

I made a wonderful discovery yesterday. I accidentally deleted a photo on my camera that I needed for work. Last night I downloaded a program called recuva that was able to look at the card, find the photo and retrieve it. I only wish I had downloaded that program a long time ago…. I thought it might be a program you’d like to look at. It’s free. You can find it at www.recuva.com.
Cheers! Wendy

Thanks, Wendy!!!