An iPad Alternative… from HP

So THAT’S why HP bought Palm…

A few days ago I posted that HP had purchased Palm, leading me to believe that they saw a future in the Palm Pre phone giving competition to the iPhone. Indeed, the Pre does perform well. It even multi-tasks out of the box.

But the link above helps identify HP’s motives in buying Palm.

It will be interesting to see how Palm’s WebOS works on a slate PC.

It’s Time to Upgrade that RAM…

I’ve been running a Dell laptop with 1GB of RAM since Vista first arrived. The extra money for the extra GB (this laptop maxes out at 2GB) was more than this Scotsman could take.


But RAM prices have dropped lots. I grabbed the scanner at and picked up two 1GB chips online for a couple pennies under $24 — delivered. Man — if I knew how it would help performance, I may have done it when RAM was $75 for 2GB.

Outlook, QuickVerse, even FireFox load more quickly.

It’s time. Upgrade your RAM.

Illness from Exposure to Computer Bacteria…

We have recently learned that the inside of all computer screens are covered with bacteria that can be dangerous to your health.

ShieldsGroup recommends that all individuals with access to a computer should click the link below. This link is to a special program that will correct this potentially dangerous health problem.

Click on this link to clean the inside of your screen: