How to join a YouVersion Reading Plan in the middle…

A group of us have been reading through the Bible with YouVersion.

Some friends, who delayed in starting, would like to join us along the way. I talked to YouVersion tech about this, and joining a plan mid-way isn’t designed into the program, but here’s their suggested work-around.

You can access Catch Me Up from the Settings tab on all reading plans. Simply open your reading plan, tap on the Settings tab, and scroll down to find the Catch Me Up button. I’ve provided an overview below of how this feature works.

Let’s use in this example a 1 year plan that you started on January 10th, 2013 and ends on January 9th, 2014.

Let’s also say the following is true:

Jan 10th (Day 1) – Completed
Jan 11th (Day 2) – Completed
Jan 12th (Day 3) – NOT COMPLETED
Jan 13th (Day 4) – Completed
Jan 14th (Day 5) – NOT COMPLETED
Jan 15th (Day 6) – NOT COMPLETED
Jan 16th (Day 7) – NOT COMPLETED
Jan 17th (Day 8 – Today) – NOT COMPLETED

And of course, all days after the 17th are not completed either.

When you use the catch me up feature, it will make “Today” (In this case, January 17th) the first NOT COMPLETED day AFTER your last completed day. It will not mark any new days as read. In this case right here, if you use the Catch Me Up feature on the 17th, the following will happen:

  1. “Today” (in our case, January 17th) will be Day 5.
  2. Day 3 (which, after using Catch Me Up will be January 15th) will STILL show up as NOT COMPLETED.
  3. The start date of the plan will show “January 13th, 2013”.
  4. The end date of the plan will show “January 12th, 2014”.

Catch Me Up will never mark days as read or unread. It will only adjust the start and end dates of the plan to make “Today” the first NOT COMPLETED day AFTER your last completed day.

I hope this clears up the function of the Catch Me Up feature. If I can help you with anything else, please let me know.

Since I started my plan on time, I am not going to try this, but I’d like to know if it works for you.

Whether it does or not, I encourage you to read the Bible — with a friend, friends, or on your own. Plans are available at

The plan CurwensvilleAlliance is reading is this one:

Just-in-Time Learning: advantages and disadvantages

A week or so ago, I stumbled upon a concept of education that made my mind sit up and pay attention. It was the concept of just-in-time learning. Much of the education we received in school was learning to prepare us for the future. Every student struggled with its relevance, but our teachers persisted because they wanted us to have the education just-in-case we needed it.

The internet has made just-in-time learning a way of life. And while it’s good to learn how to bake cookies just when you need to know how to, it’s important to learn some things just in case you need them.

This podcast takes these concepts and applies them to our relationship with God and the styles of discipleship we should embrace.

Just in time learning and spirituality? Didn’t expect to find that here, huh? But now you’re curious. Give it a listen by clicking below.