Life as Art…

In a message presented at Mosaic, Erwin McMannus spoke words like these to those assembled:

Life is a work of art.

The canvas you paint first is your life.

Then your life becomes the brush
from which you paint
the world you touch,
while you are on this planet.
(Erwin McMannus in Artisan: Soul — the Essence of Art 2/12/2012)

Is that true? Is your life a work of art?

The book of Ephesians says that we are God’s workmanship — his handiwork. In a sense, we are his artwork, and we are created for good works in Christ.

This podcast examines several truths about how to live your life as a work of art. It discusses how to live well.

I don’t care for the new look of the internet

Have you noticed how much white space there is on the internet? I mean how much blank space there is on an internet page? In the past couple of years there has been a trend away from cramming a lot of information onto a page toward spreading it out instead.

This doesn’t appeal to me. It makes me have to scroll, although my screen is 1920 x 1080. I don’t mind scrolling, but I don’t care for all the white space that’s around.

We’re using the latest wordpress theme here at ShieldsGroup — The Twenty Eleven Theme — and like much of today’s web publishing systems, it presents information along with lots of unused screen space. (I will post an image below, in case it’s been altered by the time you read this)

I see no reason for the wasted space making me scroll to the bottom of the screen to begin to read the article. But hey — I have no sense of artistry. I was happy with a DOS screen, looking at text-only computer buletin board systems.

While I don’t care for the new look of the internet, the internet doesn’t care if I like it or not. It will go on, regardless of my complaints.

And if there is one thing I’ve learned in my time on this planet — everything changes. One day we will be back to the old look. One where we can read lots of stuff without going to the labor of scrolling.

By that time, my glasses will be so thick that I’ll be wishing for the Twenty Eleven Theme!