What I Love about the Yesterday Trailer

I love this — for many reasons.

Watch it before reading my opinions.

First, I love how they say, “Write something,” and he writes Something.

Second, I love how (presumably) Paul is in bare feet, like he’s getting ready to walk across Abbey Road.

Third, I love how the girl says it’s not as good as today’s music and names a couple of artists that 50 years from now may be largely unknown, compared to how well known The Beatles are 50 years later. (Don’t argue with me about this. Just let me know if I was right when you see me in heaven.)

Fourth, I love how they say no one’s ever written this many great songs.

Fifth, I love how badly “Hey Dude” works.

Sixth, I love how this is about The Beatles. Not The Who. Not The Stones. Not The Beach Boys. Not Michael Jackson. Not even The King.

There was a magic to The Beatles that has never been paralleled.

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