Just-in-Time Learning: advantages and disadvantages

A week or so ago, I stumbled upon a concept of education that made my mind sit up and pay attention. It was the concept of just-in-time learning. Much of the education we received in school was learning to prepare us for the future. Every student struggled with its relevance, but our teachers persisted because they wanted us to have the education just-in-case we needed it.

The internet has made just-in-time learning a way of life. And while it’s good to learn how to bake cookies just when you need to know how to, it’s important to learn some things just in case you need them.

This podcast takes these concepts and applies them to our relationship with God and the styles of discipleship we should embrace.

Just in time learning and spirituality? Didn’t expect to find that here, huh? But now you’re curious. Give it a listen by clicking below.