How to Stop Spammers on a WordPress Blog

In recent weeks, unwanted users have been flooding this blog.

I stop the spam with Spam Karma 2. It almost never fails. Still, the users register and clutter my user database.

So today, I turned off the feature that says “Anyone can register.” If I am not mistaken, anyone can still comment, but if you wish to register, let me know and I will add you manually.

This change will have no effect on registered users.


2 thoughts on “How to Stop Spammers on a WordPress Blog

  1. Yeah — you can. I don’t know why they even bother to register. But I was getting multiple registrants daily. At first they were from Poland, so I just blocked .pl email addresses. Then they were from Russia. I did the same. Then they were from gmail, so I blocked everyone from registering. It’s pointless to register if you simply want to post one spam and leave. Registering only helps if you plan to come back and want your comments to be attributed to the same person — you.

    BTW — anyone wanting to register, just let me know. I will care for it personally. In a while, I may reopen registration and see if the spammers have left us.

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