How to stop being a control-freak

How do I stop being a controller?

Have you ever been labeled a control-freak? Even if you haven’t, take this quiz and maybe you will discover something about yourself.

  1. I believe slow drivers should have their licenses revoked.
  2. I am not difficult to please; I just want things done right.
  3. I am a list-maker.
  4. When we go anywhere in the car, I drive.
  5. I get bored when I have to listen to other people talk.
  6. I don’t like people touching my stuff.
  7. I have been told I am stubborn.
  8. I take it personally when people disagree with me.
  9. When watching TV with others, I always have to have the remote.
  10. I take care of the finances in my home. You want some money? Check with me.

Being a controller is almost always damaging to relationships, mental health, and to your relationship with God.

This podcast speaks to our tendency toward control and gives practical steps to deal with it.

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