Three Important Issues regarding Christ’s Return

People are interested in the end times — the last days. Just take a look at the history of movies and note how many of them include words like Armageddon and Apocalypse. And, as many have noted, end times media sells like hotcakes in the Christian marketplace.

Here’s the problem with a lot of end time teaching: It does nothing to prepare us for the future. Much of it addresses details of the nature of the events, spelling out the characteristics of the Antichrist, the identity of nations involved, and the triggers that seem to set things off. Often, the idea of being prepared is added as an epilogue, if it’s included at all.

I believe the reason “preparedness” if omitted from much end-time material is because many people are not prepared — and they don’t want to do the hard work of addressing their shortcomings.

Jesus wasn’t afraid to address these issues. His words are given to prepare people for whatever the future holds. As with everything else Jesus said, his teaching on his own return is very applicable to every generation.

In the second part of Matthew 24, Jesus addresses three important issues regarding his return. This podcast unfolds the teaching of Jesus here.

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