Tina Turner was wrong. We need LOTS of heroes…

I’ve enjoyed watching the TV series, Heroes. But those people are not heroes – at least not most of them. Heroes are people who care for others — the others that God’s placed in their sphere of influence.

As I speak of heroes, I am not talking about being a hero to your family. That’s twentieth century thinking. We’ve been taught that you need to be a hero to your family. To your wife. To your kids. To your husband. You do. But I have come to see that if I am only a hero to my family, I am a pretty selfish person. God’s given you more people to look out for than your family.

Can you think of others God has given you to influence? To care for? What about the people you work with? Do they need a heroic influence in their lives? I would say they desperately need a real hero. If you, as a Christian, are not influencing them, who is? There’s a need for heroes in the workplace. What about the people in your church?  The people you go to school with. The people you hunt with. The people you hang out with. Can you be a hero to them?

As we consider this concept of heroes, I want to look to my favorite hero. I have a lot of heroes. Jack Lambert was a hero. Few men played linebacker like Lambert. He’d be banned from the game of football today. Tony Dungy is a hero. Tony is one of the strongest men I’ve ever encountered. The way he faced the suicide of his son was life-changing for those who looked on.

But the most heroic person in my life is Jesus. You knew I’d say that, right?