Steelers vs. Vikings Limerick…

I am soooo glad it’s football season. And I am soooo glad the Steelers are playing again Sunday.

Spending a day in Denver recently I saw only ONE person wearing a Broncos coat and no one wearing a cap. That same day, in that same city, I saw a Steelers hat, a Chicago Bears cap, and even a Browns hat, but in a city whose team is 6-0, I saw no real excitement.

It’s good to be from a real football town.

Remembering that the limerick is the highest literary art form, and knowing that there is magic in its cadence, and realizing that the Steelers could use some magic, Laurel and I, at the request of our son, have composed a limerick for Sunday’s game.

On Sunday events will transpire.
Big Ben, with his team will conspire.
When it’s over you bet
That the ole’ guy named Brett
Will beg for a chance to retire.

Go Stillers!

While one may be surprised to find a Scotsman referring to anything created in Ireland as an “art form,” it’s my personal feeling that like everything of value in Ireland, the limerick was probably stolen from the Scots. 😉

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