How God helps us in life’s difficulties…

Think about all the things you get ready for.

When you are a child, you get ready for school. Maybe you remember going shopping with your mother to get a book-bag or a lunch pail. As you grew up, you got ready for many other things. A date. A test at school. College.  And as time went on, you got ready for other things. Ready to get married. Ready for children. We’re told we need to be ready for those things. They are exciting things. Most of them are good things.

But who readies us for the things that aren’t exciting? Who helps us get ready for old age? For sickness? For heartache? For loneliness? For death? Those unpleasant things aren’t addressed by our society with the same energy as the pleasant things.

God addresses them. In Matthew 17:22-23, Jesus is addressing something that will be very difficult for his followers.  He’s addressed it before. And he keeps on addressing it.

Because it’s essential that you are ready for life’s difficulties.

This message speaks about how we can be more prepared for life’s difficulties.