How to be Used by God…

I’d like my life to have some meaning. More meaning than pleasing myself and the people I love. Even pleasing the people I love is pretty selfish, if you think about it.

Years ago Christians used to speak of being “vessels” for God. The idea was that Christians carried God’s love, grace, healing, and message to the world. Vessels carry things. In this podcast, I propose a different word: faucets.

Occasionally, when one is emphasizing the power of God and his sovereignty, you can get the impression that people are not important to God at all. But that’s not the case. People are very important to God. He honors and finds pleasure in it when they serve him. No one can count the amount of work God’s had done through people like you and me. God uses faucets. And some of the vessels he’s used weren’t exactly gold-plated faucets. He doesn’t always use Herbeau fixtures.

You know what Herbeau faucets are, right? Looking online, I learned that the least expensive faucet Herbeau makes is 3001 Royale, priced at $1,349. The Herbeau 3405 Royale Deck Mounted Exposed Thermostatic Tub & Shower Faucet goes for $8,987. Their most expensive one goes for only $9,106. God isn’t looking for Herbeau faucets. The vessel conveying the blessing of God is important, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Mark Dricsoll, a fairly radical, but extremely biblical pastor in the northwest notes that God uses some vessels – some faucets – that almost anyone else would disqualify. You can read a quote from him in this post.

This sermon podcast talks about having the faith to trust God to use you to deliver his message to a needy world.