What Kind of People God’s Used…

When I read stuff like this, I realize that God can use anyone. Even you and me.

The story begins with God making all things, then creating a man named Adam. Though Adam is technically perfect, it is still not good for him to be alone. The Bible never tells us why, exactly. Perhaps he would have forgotten to pick up the trash around the Garden of Eden, and the place eventually would have looked like an eternal fraternity without a hint of an annual spring cleaning.

Whatever the case, God creates a perfect woman who is beautiful, sinless, and naked—the same kind of woman every guy ever since has been searching for….

But ever since the dreadful day of the Thud in Eden, we have all been walking around scratching our thick skulls, trying to figure out how to get back to that glorious time. Why? Because our happy, naked first parents sinned against God and brought a curse upon themselves and all of creation. They sinned because they believed the lies of a talking serpent who had been an angel until he got kicked out of heaven for his pride.

After they were exiled from Eden, our first parents have two boys, and before long, one boy kills the other. From there, carnage and death ensue, and people grow so wicked that God floods the earth, killing nearly everyone. But he starts over with another decent guy named Noah, who nevertheless ends up having a bad day, gets drunk, and passes out naked in his tent like some redneck on vacation.

As time rolls along, God also works through a cowardly old man named Abraham, who is happy to [give]… out his loving and beautiful antique of a wife to avoid conflict. God also chooses to work through a guy named Jacob, even though he’s a trickster and a con man. Later, God raises up a stuttering murderer named Moses to lead his people. Years later, a king named David comes onto the leadership stage, but he becomes an adulterer, a murderer, and an odd type pointing ahead to the promised Christ. David’s son Solomon redefines addiction with more wine, woman and money than any guy could possibly know what to do with, though he gave it a good Hefneresque run. This brief list doesn’t even include the prophets, like Ezekiel, whom God tells to cook a meal over his own feces! Hosea, who marries a prostitute; Jeremiah, who cries like a newly crowned beauty queen all the time or any of the freaks on cable television right now talking about Jee-zus along with their wives, who by God’s grace alone are not naked like their mother Eve. ~Mark Driscoll in The Radical Reformission: Reaching Out without Selling Out

Even you and me.

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