Cathedral of Learning Wallpaper

Have you been to the Cathedral lately?

University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of LearningEsther and I grabbed a picture of The Commons at The University of Pittsburgh, Oakland, when we were down to visit someone at the hospital.

Turns out it makes some good desktop wallpaper.

Love those Pitt Panthers! Ha! I love everything Pittsburgh! Always have. Always will.  Even the Pirates. I’ve watched every winning season they’ve played in the past 17 years.

4 thoughts on “Cathedral of Learning Wallpaper

  1. “Love those Pitt Panthers!”



    Nice picture, though. It’s not Pattee, but still…

  2. Whoa, it’s huge!

    I bet it’s also not a fire trap…not that there is anything wrong with Pattee, you understand…it’s just nerve wracking sometimes.

    Nor does the cathedral contain an original Charles Addams painting. 😉

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