Pittsburgh City of Champions Wallpaper

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Penguins have done the Steel City proud, winning the Superbowl and the Stanley Cup in the same year.

That makes Pittsburgh Sixburg, when it comes to Lombardi trophies. And three rings around the Stanley Cup for the Penguins is something to crow about.

This Steeler / Penguins Wallpaper has been floating around in email for a while. Don’t you love the image with the Three Rivers and the Golden Triangle? It has a great glow.

I thought I’d post it here.


You can click the image to get a larger (1024×768) rendering.

Love ‘da Burgh. It’s once more The City of Champions.

Note: a few people have asked where they can order this wallpaper. It’s not wallpaper for your house; it’s desktop PC wallpaper for your computer. You just click the image for the larger rendering and then you right-click the larger image and set as wallpaper/background.

2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh City of Champions Wallpaper

  1. Do you use a plugin to make it able to click and enlarge? I can’t seem to figure it out, and you aren’t on pidgin. What’s up with that?

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