Taking Spiritual Inventory

Recently, our son, Tim headed out on his own. Not for good, but almost for good. He took the Tahoe and loaded it up to spend his last college summer in Indianapolis working as an intern for a high-tech engineering company.

He started packing on Wednesday – preparing to spend the summer in a house with Mike, a guy he doesn’t even know – and left on Saturday. We’ve given him all we can to help him take on the world. To buy his own groceries. To find his own church. To make his own friends. Such a transition is a serious challenge. It reminds us that any challenge takes some thoughtful preparation. Like many of you, as parents, Laurel and I worked hard to make sure he was prepared – to ensure that he had all he needed.

When you’re taking on a significant challenge, it is wise to put together an inventory of what will be needed.

Completing the Great Commission is a serious challenge. Have you taken inventory, recently?