Have fun watchin’, Cowher…

Crafton-born Bill Cowher, who served as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers who grew up watchin’ the Penguins has decided to cheer for some other team that was in the playoffs recently.

I believe in cheering for the local team…. but when they are playing a team from your old stompin’ grounds, I don’t.

All we have to say here in ‘burgh-land is, “Have fun watchin’ Cowher.”

5 thoughts on “Have fun watchin’, Cowher…

  1. His interview with Grapes was ridiculous. I just can’t take that Cowher seriously any time I see him on television. Would it be totally ungrateful of me to say that I think the Steelers would have won about six Super Bowls had Mike Tomlin been the coach since 92?

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