Overcoming Roadblocks to Seeing Miracles…

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see God’s power the way others see it? You may wonder that if you’ve heard some of the stories I have heard. I remember when a missionary named Marge came to my church and told the story of an Indian in Columbia that didn’t believe in Jesus. He was actually highly resistant to the work of the missionaries. He died and at his funeral, he sat up and said, “God sent me back to tell you Jesus is REAL!”

Do we see that? Why not?

What about the concept of the demons fleeing. A missionary once told me a story of a pastor in Africa who had been chased by dogs. Eventually it was revealed that the local shaman – or witch doctor – had done this through black magic. The church prayed about it and the shaman disappeared.

Do we see that kind of thing in our lives? Why not?

I have heard some say that “The Bible is complete, so there is no more need for signs like this to occur.” Have you heard that? Miracles don’t occur now because we have the Bible instead. I don’t think that’s the case. I think that’s an attempt to rationalize.

Others say that “We ought not ask God to do extravagant things – just be glad for what you have.” That just seems cold.

Still others say, “We don’t have enough faith.” That’s probably closer to the truth, but doesn’t it seem a little simplistic?

The closing verses of Matthew 13 speak about Jesus not doing miracles in a certain time and place. I believe he didn’t do the miracles there because the people were in a self-imposed bondage.

This audio file addresses three reasons for this bondage and helps us rid ourselves so we can experience all God has for us.