What’s Wrong with my Family and How Do I Fix It?

Early on, in his book, Sacred Marriage, Gary Thomas writes these words.

…most of us who have been married for any substantial length of time realize that the romantic roller coaster of courtship eventually evens out to the terrain of a Midwest interstate – long, flat stretches with an occasional overpass. When this happens, couples respond in different ways. Many will break up their relationship and try to recreate the passionate romance with someone else. Other couples will descend into a sort of marital guerrilla warfare, a passive-aggressive power play as each partner blames the other for personal dissatisfaction or lack of excitement. Some couples decide to simply “get along.” Still others may opt to pursue a deeper meaning, a spiritual trust hidden in the enforce intimacy of the marital situation. (Gary Thomas in Sacred Marriage, pp. 16-17.)

May I encourage you – beg you – to choose to pursue deep intimacy by letting your marriage refine you?

It’s the only way you will have a healthy family.

This sermon addresses family relationship both in the Family of God and in your Family Family.

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  1. Good stuff. Gary Thomas is one of my favorite authors. And of course, you’re one of my favorite preachers!

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