How to remove the Toolbar in Norton Internet Security 2009 in Firefox and IE

So I installed the new Norton Internet Security and what’s it do?  Clutters my PC with another toolbar.  Ugh. I dislike toolbars.

There’s no help for removing the toolbar evident on Norton’s web site, so I initiate a chat and he wants to install software to run my system from his location. “No thanks. It’s a toolbar. Just tell me where you put the ‘how to remove toolbar’ info.”

While he’s searching for an answer, I found this buried in the help:

Hiding and showing the Norton toolbar

You can hide the Norton toolbar if you do not want to see the evaluation of every Web page that you visit. However, you will still be notified of suspicious and known fraudulent pages or if an error needs your attention.

To hide or show the Norton toolbar

At the top of your browser window, click View.

On the Toolbars submenu, do one of the following:

Uncheck Norton Toolbar to hide the toolbar.

Check Norton Toolbar to show the toolbar.

That was easy.

I know this doesn’t remove it, but it solved the problem from my perspective. Less clutter means happier browsing.

Why did he want to remotely access my PC to do that? 🙄

2 thoughts on “How to remove the Toolbar in Norton Internet Security 2009 in Firefox and IE

  1. Because Tech people are essentially useless.

    I like toolbars…but not when they’re loaded without telling you. Then you restart your computer and, hello!, there’s a new toolbar!

  2. Yep. When software loads toolbars without my consent, it makes me feel like my Internet Security Client should remove the offending software. But in this case, it was the Internet Security Client. Ugh.

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