Living the Call Together…

According to most surveys, the Church is shrinking while world population is growing.  As he addresses this reality, Dr. Walborn, from Nyack College, gives some keen insight.

His statistics are too important to ignore. The man-in-the-street interviews are sobering.

It would be interesting to see this kind of thing done in a rural area. While the number of people who don’t believe in God may be lower, I think it may be surprising how similar many of the repsonses would be if respondents would be honest.

2 thoughts on “Living the Call Together…

  1. Overall it seems like some good ideas are being presented. The first impression I get is that people are overthinking this. It seems almost silly. But I am part of this generation X.

    I feel like every time someone presents these strategies and things to do to “reach out” or bring about justice or end hunger or whatever they miss the point. These things are fruit that comes from a rooted and intimate relationship with God. That, I think, is the greatest failure of people in general. Jesus, being the only person completely rooted in this relationship was naturally relevant to everyone he came in contact with. Do you think he had a strategy? Did he have ABCs for his mission to reach the world? If he did it was usually to head for the nearest place of soitude to pray, to be conected with God. When that settled, he produced the only fruit a tree rooted in God can produce. That was complete relevance with everyone he met.

    What do I think needs to happen if we want to reach the world? I think we should realize that WE will never reach the world and then we should humbly come before God and allow him to reach us and then use us. I think the rest will likely flow fairly naturally.

    In order to be politically correct. It is likely that this guy is just doing the work of God and really does have God’s heart for a young generation in mind. But being someone from a young generation… if it feels anything like it is planned in order to get you to come to church, it aint gonna work. If it feels forced… it aint gonna work. If God’s love naturally flows out of the person I am talking with… I am likely to be atracted, no matter wether he has a Blackberry Storm, a keypad in his church, or a free cup of coffee.

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