Emerging from Faith-Struggles — Victoriously…

Growing up on a farm, I’ve used a pitchfork many times. We had some forks that had tines missing, and they were of almost no value at all. You can imagine that a one pronged pitch fork is useless. A two-pronged one is just frustrating to use. If you want a fork that works, it needs to be at least three-pronged.

In Matthew 11, God gives us a three-pronged tool to make it through faith-struggles, victoriously. And although it’s not a pitch-fork, you need all three tines — all three prongs — of the tool. If you’re missing one, your faith will be in jeopardy.

The prongs? Know your Bible. Look for God’s work in your life.  Let God be in charge.

This message gives more instuction on how this tool helps you through faith-struggles.