Where to eat in Pittsburgh…

I never miss a chance to eat at Primanti Bros. when I am in the ‘Burgh.

You shouldn’t miss it either!

8 thoughts on “Where to eat in Pittsburgh…

  1. “What is it that keeps people coming back to Primanti Brothers year after year?”

    The opportunity to eat your whole dinner between two pieces of bread!

    I know it’s hard to pass up PB when you’re in the Strip District, but you should also try one of the seafood places like Wholey’s. Theres 3 or 4 down there. I had a fish sandwich down there last time (forget which restaurant) that was the best sandwich I’ve ever had in my life.

    I don’t know if you noticed, but PB opened a couple of booths in Heinz Field two or three years ago. However, they don’t quite compare. All you get is a pickle with your chicken, and maybe some slaw. Still probably the best sandwich in the stadium though.

  2. Yeah — I ate there and was a little disappointed. I ate at the one in Oakland, though and decided I will do that whenever I go to the hospital for a visit I will take time to eat there. 🙂

  3. Anybody need to make a Pittsburgh run? Could you pick me up a Primanti Bros. sandwich – or 2 – while you’re there?

    Man does that look good.

  4. Well actually I was thinking more about the food than the “nurses”. Multi-bypass burgers and flat line fries (fried in lard has to taste good).

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