Cold Plagiarism? Take a listen here…

Reuters reports that Joe Satriani is accusing Cold Play of plagiarism on their landmark tune.  Read it here:

Satriani’s tune is here:

At about 50 seconds in, you would think it was a cover of Cold Play.

A direct comparison is here:

Not sure it’s pure plagiarism.

That progression in music is very common. Check this:

Whatcha think?

3 thoughts on “Cold Plagiarism? Take a listen here…

  1. It’s pretty much a total copy. Now do you think that Coldplay actually listens to Joe Satriani?

    In other news, U2 is suing Coldplay for copy everything other than their melodies.

  2. LOL —

    Do you listen to Coldplay? My kids like the Joe Satriani song they do (I like saying that), but that’s about all of their stuff I’ve heard.

  3. Pretty interesting comparison. Without even hearing the Satch song I said no, they didn’t copy him, only because they don’t have that kind of talent. After listening I’m not so sure. They sure do fit together pretty well don’t they?

    I’m not against calling it a coincidence either. I guess we’ll let the judge decide?

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