Recently lots of spammers have been logging into the blog, so I installed Raz-Captcha. It should only show up when registering or logging in.

I also installed Spam Karma 2 and am playing with it.

Let me know if it bothers you.

1 thought on “Captcha…

  1. I guess I’m already logged in because I didn’t see it.

    I had to do a Capcha the other day, and I couldn’t make out what it was trying to say. I couldn’t get through and gave up. I’m guessing that they are now like that because bots are advanced enough to crack them?

    And seriously, what is the possible pay-off for blog spamming? I can see click-thrus on email, but on blogs? I guess if you make it sound raunchy enough, you tempt someone more than he is able.

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