Where does Kurt Warner’s mind go?

I have to admit I was cheering for the 49ers Sunday night because of how I love Mike Singletary, but when Warner spoke on field at the end of the game, I was delighted. They asked him the generic questions, and he gave the generic answers. When asked where his mind goes in a game like this, he said…. Well — just take a look. The editing is pretty poor and the text seems a bit overdone in a corny way, but get past that and just listen to Kurt. Love it.

This is just another reason I love the NFL.

2 thoughts on “Where does Kurt Warner’s mind go?

  1. That’s pretty good. It’s like he was waiting for a question like that.

    Did you notice the prayer huddle after the Steelers game you went to? Every time I’ve stayed to the end of the game, there’s always 30-40 players from both teams who gather to pray at the center of the field. Even the Ravens and Ray Lewis did when I saw them. I remember when Antwaan Randle El was here, he always seemed to be in the center.

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