Goodbye Google — Hello again, Yahoo!

Recently, I’ve noted that while searching for things that I KNOW are online, Google fails to return any results. How do I know they are online? Because they are on this blog.

Because I am curious, I searched for them on Yahoo!  Instead of showing me one page of about ten results, Yahoo! showed me two pages of about 20. While Google failed to list results from this blog, Yahoo! listed them all, plus others.

I am not sure why Google failed. It lists results from more current posts on this blog. Maybe Google assumed that if someone blogged something in the past searchers don’t need to find it (?)

In any case, I’ve made Yahoo! my default search — again.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Google — Hello again, Yahoo!

  1. Look around on your web server (if you can) and see if there’s a robots.txt file that would be disallowing any sort of indexing robots. Just a thought.

    The bad part about using Yahoo! is having to look at their homepage with their blatantly biased news headlines. If someone photoshopped a picture of Sarah Palin with red horns and a pitchfork, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it on their homepage with some goofball headline. “Palin’s Secret Identity? Photo surfaces on web that may reveal more about Palin than she wanted to make known.”

  2. Matt — are you suggesting that ANY news outlet would be bias? 🙂

    Sad to say, I generally get my news from Yahoo!’s “Most Popular” page. I can’t stand CNN and I feel FOX is equally biased in the other direction — plus they’re a little condescending. “Condescending” is not the right word. What I mean is they treat you like you’re not smart enough to see through some of their hype.

    On Yahoo! I primarily read the “Most Viewed” and “Most Emailed” articles from the AP and Yahoo!’s other sources. That way I am seeing what most people are interested in, and not only what the media supervision wants to feed readers. I guess it’s a sociologists take on the news.

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