Disillusioned with Christianity…

Alliance pastor, missionary, and author, Paris Reidhead made the following observation. I think he is right on.

In my visits to churches I’ve encountered many individuals who …. made “a decision for Christ,” and now are active in programs that keep them busy–but they are not blessed. Others I’ve met boldly confess that they “grew up Christian” and are following the tradition of their Christian parents and regularly attending church. “After all,” they tell me, “we were taught that going to church is the right thing to do.”

…. They know the verses, but they do not know Him; whom to know is life eternal.

It is little wonder then that many are disillusioned with Christianity. They have yet to realize that salvation is not a plan, not in scripture verses, not in ordinances, and not in a scheme of theology. Salvation is not a decision and not a pronouncement of an evangelist, a pastor or a teacher.

~Paris Reidhead in Getting Evangelicals Saved, p. 19.