Voting On Global Warming…

Today CNN had a poll on their site asking if the northern polar cap would melt. I voted against it melting, just because I care about the polar bears. I hope my vote helps. Duh. 😕

The CNN Poll on the Northern Ice Cap

I think this kind of thing makes God laugh.

The next item on the agenda, Mr. Chairman, is the issue of global warming. The recommendation from the committee reads: “The north pole will melt this summer.”

Is there a second?

I second the recommendation.

The recommendation is before us. Is there any discussion?

Yes.  Mr. Chairman, I wonder if voting regarding this kind of issue makes sense.

Sorry — you are out of order.

Mr. Chairman, I move the previous question.


All right, all those in favor of voting on whether the polar cap will melt, indicate so by saying Aye.


The recommendation is before you. All in favor of the ice cap melting indicate so by saying Aye.


It is carried. It is melted.

Is it just me, or are some CNN polls simply ridiculous?

12 thoughts on “Voting On Global Warming…

  1. To be fair to CNN I think they miss wrote the question. I think they are trying to say “Do you believe that the north pole ice cap will melt out this summer?” There is a fine art to writing polling questions and apparently they need to hire a better one.

  2. I’m sure you’re right. And I figured if I just typed the poll, everyone would assume I’d read it wrong (which I am prone to do). Thus, the image.

  3. Of course I don’t care what a group of unknown people think about global warming.

  4. I think that voting “Yes” counts for some carbon offsets. I’ll have to check my chart…

  5. I don’t think a mistake was made. There is a real belief out there that the polar ice cap will melt this summer. The first I heard about it was on Sean Hannity’s radio program the other day. People are seriously panicked about it. Obviously, not a vast majority. *laughing*

    BTW, Pastor Steve, you forgot to include the 30 minutes of inane discussion, the three rabbit trails the council goes down and a repeat of the motion because in the past 30 minutes everyone forgot what they were voting on. You should also include the chairman repeating the motion for the record, the secretary making the chairman repeat it again…and then the loud snapping sound of the tape recorder reaching the end of the tape just as the vote–which would probably be roll call–is about to take place. 🙂 The secretary would then flip the tape, start over, then they would have to repeat the motion and who made it and who seconded it and then, maybe, there would be a vote.


  6. And you’d have some God-trusting Christians like us terryhooting and throwing popcorn from the back of the room.

    Seriously, the only person who is concerned about the North Pole melting is the White Witch. Aslan is coming!!

  7. 🙂 Love the comments.

    Didn’t An Inconvenient Truth indicate that if it melts Manhattan would be under two feet of water? I’ll have to dig my DVD out and watch that again.

  8. Manhatten under water…and that would be a disaster how? Probably the cleanest NYC has been since Rudy was mayor.

    Matt: Amen!

  9. The north pole ice cap melting has no effect on sea level because it floats on water, now if the greenland or antarctic ice caps melts that would be a problem.

    Oh if you don’t believe the bit about north pole ice cap. Take a glass put some ice in it then fill it to the brim with water. Let the ice melt and it will still be filled to the brim with water with no overflow. This is per Archimedes’ principle.

  10. I believe you. I did that experiment when I was a kid.

    As I think of it, I think Al was probably speaking about the Antartica. I just can’t bring myself to watch that again.

  11. What you need, Pastor Steve, is two robot puppets made out of a bubble gum machine, a tupperware container and a bowling pin. Then you can spend the entire movie making smart and snarky comments…you’ll probably enjoy yourself a whole lot more. 😉

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