The Coolest Girl in Sports…

I’m not much for baseball, but this girl is amazing. Watch the outfielder kind of look around after she tosses him the ball and tips her hat. Ya gotta love it.

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10 thoughts on “The Coolest Girl in Sports…

  1. Ah… Man — I feel suckered!

    However, it’s just more of the same — if you want baseball to be interesting, something’s gotta happen other than the game.

  2. This from the Snopes king. 😉 It still looks good, though.

    But you’re right, no one has ever convinced me that baseball is worth wasting my time watching. What, exactly, are we watching? What am I missing?

    I can’t believe I’m saying this…but hockey is more interesting. 😀

  3. If you’ve looked at any of the newspaper articles regarding the current Pirates/Yankees series, you probably noticed that Pittsburghers recently voted Bill Mazeroski’s 1960 Game 7 World Series winning home run as the greatest moment in Pittsburgh Sports History, over the Immaculate Reception and winning any of the Super Bowls.

    Just sayin’.

  4. I guess. But I can understand it, I think the view of baseball has changed so much. It used to be people would go to the ballpark and catch a game and socialize. It was a huge part of peoples lives.

    I’m not sure why it’s changed, but I guess it could be because we have other sports to compare it to which are played at a much faster pace and are, what I consider, more entertaining. Although, I would rather watch golf than baseball so maybe I’m just full of hot air?

  5. I think you’re right Ken — something’s changed. When I talk to old-timers who remember when baseball was America’s Game, they talk about how good a ballpark hotdog was and the whole experience. Little is said concerning the play. In contrast, when you hear them talk football, they talk about Jackie Smith missing the TD in SuperBowl XIII or about Dwight Clark and “the catch.” When you hear those stories, you see the plays.

    Matt – is that article in AARP? (ducking)!

  6. So, you’re saying that no one has ever actually watched baseball? That the entire point for generations was food and socializing?

  7. I think that’s right. My boss and I talk about baseball all the time, and he’s pointed out that especially when he was a kid, the playoffs and world series were almost an after thought- what was important was watching a game on a summer afternoon. Standings and championships were just decorations. That’s definitely not like other pro sports, where its “all about the playoffs”.

    Plus, baseball can be enjoyed on a whole bunch of levels that other sports really can’t. You really can just let it be the background sound-track to your day at the park if you want. You can’t do that at all with a football game. Or you can enjoy the pageantry and protocol of it. No other sport does so many things just because they’ve always done them, which is appealing to many, many people. You can enjoy a good player, especially someone with skills on both sides of the ball like Andy Van Slyke or Roberto Clemente. You can enjoy it by participating in little league or softball, because the athletic skill required is nothing like that of other pro sports. Or you can enjoy the exciting moments, late game come-backs, clutch performances, etc.

  8. Good synopsis. I agree about the background sound-track. As a kid, I remember working on the tractor or around the garage with my dad with the game playing on the radio.

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