What’s so good about the new FireFox?

Well, the new FireFox web browser from Mozilla is out as of yesterday. I’ve been using it for some time in Linux, but went ahead and installed it on my Windows machines yesterday and today.

Question: What do you like about it?

Frankly, I am seeing a browser as little more than a window. If it’s clean, good. That’s all I need in a window. I can’t find anything spectacular about it, can you?


4 thoughts on “What’s so good about the new FireFox?

  1. I haven’t switched to it. (I never use release X.0 of anything unless the version I am running has a major problem that the next .0 is suppose to fix).

    But computer world article “Five reasons you should switch to Firefox 3” at http://blogs.computerworld.com/five_reasons_you_should_switch_to_firefox_3 gives these reasons

    1. The new Page Info tab
    2. The new Download Manager
    3. Fewer memory leaks
    4. Better security
    5. It’s prettier-looking

    lifehackers top 10 reasons http://lifehacker.com/392160/top-10-firefox-3-features
    10. Souped-up Add-ons manager
    9. More intuitive interface overall
    8. Stronger phishing and malware protection
    7. Improved download manager
    6. Native looks for every system
    5. Streamlined “Remember password” handling
    4. Smart bookmarks
    3. Places Organizer replaces the Bookmark Manager
    2. Smart Location Bar learns how you browse
    1. Insanely improved performance

  2. I think it’s pretty good. I’ve been using it on and off through the betas. I like the speed of it, but I really don’t see anything compelling to make anyone switch.

    One thing they did do was break the google browser sync plugin that I love, so I had to go back to foxmarks. Foxmarks only does syncs bookmarks, where google did everything including passwords. Google has said they will not release a plugin for FF3.

    I’m like you Steve, it’s a window. As long as it’s clean and doesn’t let the bugs in I’m good.

  3. I haven’t switched yet. For one, I don’t need to but for two, it takes so dang long to download anything on dialup that I just haven’t felt the need. Before long, though, Firefox will probably insist…my oppinion is this, if it works, do we really need a new one?

    *says the girl who wants to get a new cell phone even though her’s works just fine*

  4. I’ve used it for three days now, and the best thing I’ve noticed is that it fixes my biggest complaint about v2- startup time. I think v2 used some sort of agent at computer startup (on Win32, of course) to load objects into memory so it could look like it had a snappy startup. But IMO that’s bad behavior, so I turned it off. So it took 30 seconds to load on a top-of-the-line laptop. But I don’t think v3 has the agent, and it loads very quickly. So that’s good with me.

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