Hockey! Who needs basketball?

Last night’s Pens 3-2 victory earned a 18.2 rating in Detroit.  That doesn’t mean a whole lot until you realize that it beat the Pistons vs. the Celtics rating of 15.9.

In Pittsburgh, almost half of the televisions turned on in homes were on NBC, watching the Pens.

Nationally, the NBA had a bigger draw, but people who know hockey and basketball know what’s best.

4 thoughts on “Hockey! Who needs basketball?

  1. hey hey, I am finally able to post!

    Any who… I hate hate hate basketball, so for me it’s a no-brainer. I admit I’ve slipped in my hockey viewing since Lemieux retired, but this year, our young pens, I’ve been interested again! It would be a shame not to have the option to tune in to a hockey game, so I’m glad things are going well again for the league!

    And as far as basketball goes… it can go away. Show me the talent in 7 ft tall guys dunking a ball, I’ll show you NHL hockey!

  2. If the Penguins win the series, games 3-5 (and possibly 6&7) will become my all-time favorite sports moments, surpassing Steelers v Colts ’06 and the 2004 ALCS. I’m not sure how it will go if the Pens lose. 3-5 were a lot of fun, but the Pens horrible effort in 1&2 make it a little less heroic for the Wings.

    Pens vs. Wings was definitely Gary Bettman’s best-case scenario all year, and I’m glad it worked out. This will go a long way to erase the memory of the 04 lockout.

  3. ALCS, Matt?

    That’s not baseball you’re referring to, is it? I’ve seen baseball on TV before…. in nursing homes. 😉

    By the way — just in case Ledford reads this thread — Dan, we all know that’s a big if in Matt’s post. 🙂

  4. You bet! Imagine that it wasn’t the Red Wings we were playing, but the hated Rangers. And the Rangers had won all of the first three games. And then Maxime the French-Canadian Dream scored with 34 seconds left to send it to over time and we won, then won the same way in game 5, and then won 6 & 7 convincingly. That was the 2004 ALCS. I have to be honest, it’s #1 on my list, even ahead of The Tackle game.

    Maybe I should think through my list and put it on my blog. That would be fun.

    I emphasized if for a reason. The reason for the greatness of a Pens Cup win is the still-great improbability and overwhelming odds.

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