Has the Church had an errant agenda in America?

I’ve prayed for revival — many times with many people. The thoughts expressed in West Branch Ramblings hit me squarely between the eyes. Rephrasing his thoughts, I see myself having made the very mistakes upon which he expound.

  1. I pray for revival so that America will be more pleasing to me. It’s really not a matter of seeing God get the honor he deserves or seeing people saved from God’s wrath…. it’s a matter of not having to hear nasty stuff on the radio or see it on TV. Whoops — George — you’re right. OUCH!
  2. I pray for revival because I assume that America is a Christian nation made up of Christian people who simply need to remember their Savior. I do this in spite of the fact that when I turn on the television for an evening the content portrayed should disabuse me of that notion. Again — George — you’re right. OUCH!
  3. I pray for those outside the church to be made like the church. Is that revival? Perhaps if I spent more time praying for those inside the church — starting with me. Doggone it, George — you’re hurting my toes! OUCH.

Thanks, George. I needed that.

You should have that published.