What Kind of Worker Are You?

Last night in church we discussed a blog entry from Dr. Fetherlin.

I put together a Power Point for our gathering and after a brief introduction, we discussed the information on the slides and the Scripture references. It was a good time and, as one person mentioned, even a little inspiring.

Something noted along the way was that Dr. Simpson’s statement, We want men and women who have such a distinct call to the mission field that they cannot stay back, and that even if we do not send them they will go somehow was actually lived out by Shellie. While visiting our church in 2007, Dr. Fetherlin had met with her and instructed her to call his office. She did, and the person on the other end was, in her words, pretty negative. After all, she had no formal Christian education and she was in her mid-thirties. Yet she was tenacious. And she found her way to where God wanted her to be.

“May the Lord send us a thousand such men and women” – A. B. Simpson