Shh… I think there’s a God out there

I really enjoy reading Philip Yancey. If nothing else, he’s a great source for profound quotations from others, from Albert Einstein to Freeman Dyson. However, every now and then I like what Yancey says and the way he says it. For example:

Rumours of another world sneak in even among those who restrict their view of the world of matter. Scientists who dare not mention God or a Designer speak instead of an “anthropic principle” evident in creation. Nature is exquisitely tuned for the possibility of life on planet Earth: adjust the laws of gravity up or down by one percent, and the universe would not form a tiny change in electromagnetic force, and organic molecules will not adhere. It appears that, in physicist Freeman Dyson’s words, “The universe knew we were coming.” To those who know it best, the universe does not seem like a random crapshot. It seems downright purposeful–but what purpose, and whose? –Yancey in Rumours of Another World, p. 29.

Good question, Philip.