A Life-changing Question…

I am amazed at how God has used The Revival Hymn to change my heart. I hope you watched it. You can download it here.

Leonard Ravenhill’s comments are powerful. The events told in Duncan Campbell’s testimony are unbelievable. Tozer is Tozer (I love him). But the words of Paris Reidhead have struck me as Paul was struck on the Road to Damascus.

Reidhead’s question:

Would I be out of line in order if I were to talk to you for a little while about utilitarian religion and expedient Christianity? And a useful God?

No Paris. Such a discussion is perfectly appropriate — for the people of your generation and for mine. It’s perfectly appropriate for me as well.

If you’ve not watched The Revival Hymn, you’re missing what I consider the most powerful video presentation I’ve seen in years.

BTW, a friend of mine converted it to a DVD. There’s a small loss of clarity, but it’s fine. If you would like the ISO, I could make it available through bittorrent. As far as I know, there is no copyright on any of it. If you are aware of any such legalities, let me know.