Matthew Chaiptir Fyve, verses 1-16, frae The Four Gospels in Braid Scots

As I am preaching on Matthew Five these days, I was reading Archibald Thomas Robertson’s “Word Pictures in the New Testament,” I found him mention a phrase from this rendering of the text.

As a Scotsman, I had to post it here. If ye cannie read i’ for yerself, ya kin listen here with Real Player.


1. And, seeing the thrang o’ folk, he gaed up intil a mountain; and whan he was sutten-doon, his disciples gather’t aboot.

2. And he open’t his mooth, and instuctit them; and quo’ he:

3. “Happy the spirits that are lown and cannie: for the kingdom o’ Heeven is waitin’ for them!

4. “Happy they wha are makin their maen; for they sal fin’ comfort and peace.

5. “Happy the lowly and meek o’ the yirth: for the yirth sal be their ain haddin.

6. “Happy they whase hunger and drouth are a’ for holiness: for they sal be satisy’t!

7. “Happy the pitifu’: for they sal win pitie theirsels!

8. “Happy the pure-heartit: for their een sal dwal upon God!

9.”Happy the makkers-up o’ strife: for they sal be coontit for bairns o’ God!

10. “Happy the ill-treatit anes for the sake o’ gude: for they’se hae the kingdom o’ God!

11. “Happy sal ye be whan folk sal misca’ ye, and ill-treat ye, and say a’ things again ye wrangouslie for my sake!

12. “Joy ye, and be blithe! For yere meed is great in Heeven! For e’en sae did they to the prophets afore ye!

13. “The saut o’ the yirth are ye: but gin the saut hae tint its tang, hoo’s it to be sautit? Is it no clean useless? To be cuisten oot, and trauche’t under folk’s feet.

14. “Ye are the warld’s licht. A toon biggit on a hill-tap is aye seen.

15, “Nor wad men licht a crusie, and pit it neath a cog, but set it up; and it gies licht to a’ the hoose.

16. “Sae lat yere licht gang abreid amang men: that seein yere gude warks they may gie God glorie

Matthew Chaiptir Fyve, verses 1-16, frae The Four Gospels in Braid Scots – Rev William W Smith