Limiting Spam on this Blog

Well, today I went through and deleted three pages of spam. If that was not bad enough, the spam was not advertisements for cars and trucks. It was all about porn and body enhancement. So, after subjecting myself to scrolling through that trash to make sure that no legitimate posts were mistaken as spam, I decided to take my son’s advice and require that users register in order to comment.

I hope this does not discourage anyone from posting. It just takes a few moments and once you’ve done it, you’re good to go.

9 thoughts on “Limiting Spam on this Blog

  1. I’m discouraged from posting – oh wait, I guess I’m not…because I just posted.

  2. I was discouraged when I thought the site ate my first registered post. Then I DPed…I feel at home now. 🙂

  3. I hate it when I double post. Or worse yet, do what I did at George Cannon’s site — post my comment on the wrong entry. Ughhhhh…………. 😐

  4. I’m a messageboard veteran. There’s little worse than reading three or four different threads at the same time, and then replying on the wrong thread…and making everyone confused.

  5. Thought I would comment so that you would see that I am reading your blog. Glad to see that you can do something to protect yourself from garbage.

  6. What’s a trackback?

    Remind me again why a blog is a good idea? I almost started one!

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