“Your heart cannot embrace what your mind regards as nonsense.”

Who said that? Dr. David K. Clark.

When I feel nostalgic, I Google people and things of my past–old high school friends, college buddies, teachers, church friends, whatever. Today I Googled one of my favorite professors, Dr. Clark. He was a favorite because through his teaching on apologetics, he gave me a confidence concerning my faith that no one else had provided before or has since.

It appears that he has stopped teaching on the seminary level and entered pastoral ministry after God spoke to him at a CLC at Willow Creek Community Church about leadership. His church web site is faithcovenant.org.

His dialog on apologetics as the May 6, 2007 speaker at www.sanctuarycg.com is Classic Clark.

2 thoughts on ““Your heart cannot embrace what your mind regards as nonsense.”

  1. I must confess my spirituality pales next to yours. When I become nostalgic, I tend to Google “Bill Cowher” or “Jerome Bettis” or “Franco Harris.”

    Of course, most of their quotes aren’t as thought-provoking as Dr. Clark’s!

  2. And I can never find any of my old friends. 🙁 None of them were very profound though, so I suppose it’s ok.

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