Time for Euthanasia…

My brother-in-law, John Friedlund, sent this out in his “Just Thinking” email today. I’d heard it before — even quoted it. Reading it today was good for me.

…we treat our wounds and grievances like pets. Whenever we can, we pull them out, pet them, show them off, caress them, and carry them with us. Our pets are never far away, always ready to sit on our laps, roll over and do tricks, and entertain our friends. Yes, we do all that with wounds and grievances over which we have long been angry. It’s an odd picture, but a true one. — Bill Denton in Pulpit Helps, August 2006, The Skeleton at the Feast.

John went on to note:

The difference between a good pet and an old wound or grievance however, is the pet loves us and adds to our well-being. An old wound or grievance is poison on the devil’s serving tray. Maybe it’s time we pass on that drink. It’s true. When we hold on to a hurt, who exactly is it that we’re hurting?

Or maybe it’s time to take that “old pet”, so to speak, in for euthanization.